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Physical Education

‘We want to build a stronger, happier, healthier & safer community’ Alderney Sports Foundation

A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.

Physical Education: Our Vision

Our vision here at St. Anne’s School is to create an environment which inspires a love of learning for all. We want learners to enjoy and have fun whilst fulfilling their potential through challenge and support. We want pupils to access a broad and balanced curriculum, where their achievements are celebrated and their love for sport and exercise guides them towards a physically active and healthy lifestyle through their education and beyond.

‘High quality PE and school sport produces young people with the skills, understanding, desire and commitment to continue to improve and achieve in a range of PE, sport and health-enhancing physical activities in line with their abilities’ (DCMS Learning through PE & Sport).

We do not only focus on the physical benefits of physical education but also enable pupils to have the skills necessary to enhance their personal skills through concepts such as resilience, self-worth and fulfilling potential to have meaningful experiences to engage with physical education in a new way by using physical activity as a vehicle to get there.

We also recognise the importance of creating and helping to develop “the whole pupil” and endeavour to provide a curriculum that also emphasises the importance and benefits of physical activity, both physically and mentally. We are passionate about enabling each pupil to develop a positive and creative mind-set that challenges their views around sport and exercise and allows them to engage in a variety of sporting activities, not just traditional sports. We hope that with the opportunities and positive sporting experiences that we provide to our pupils they will go on to share their passion, love of sport and physical activity to motivate others to lead a happier and healthy life. As well as giving them the opportunity to develop their employability skills, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills through PE as a tool through cooperative learning.

‘PE has the power to provide you with the tools to live longer, feel happier and communicate effectively. It can teach you to lead and be led, deal with stress and embrace failure. PE had the power to create better-prepared and effective employees’ (Lee Sullivan, Is PE in Crisis?)

Sport Science as a GCSE Vocational and Academic option

Cambridge National Sport Science is taught as a full GCSE course during GCSE option lessons. Pupils taking a vocational route will undertake one exam and one set controlled assessment giving them a Level 1 qualification. Whereas, pupils undertaking the academic route will sit one exam and three controlled assessments and receive a Level 2 qualification. Pupils will continue to take part in their usual Physical Education and Games lessons. The course includes a mixture of practical and theoretical sessions and focuses on aspects of sport which help to improve all aspects of sport, including, sports injuries, nutrition, anatomy and physiology.

Written exam focuses on how to reduce the risks of sports injury, from risk assessments and emergency action plans to treating sporting injuries are covered in 1 exam.

Controlled assessment allows students to show their understanding in other areas of Sport Studies to create a depth of knowledge and understanding around specific topics we offer at St. Anne’s.

KS3 PE Curriculum Map