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Anti Bullying Code

What is bullying?

Bullying is intentional behaviour by an individual or group that is :

  • Repeated over time
  • Causes physical or emotional harm
  • It can be about anything and happen to anyone.
  • It can happen in lessons, around school, on the way to and from school and online.
  • Bullying causes harm and long-term effects.
  • It can be repeated name-calling, teasing or physical behaviour. Even if the person who has displayed bullying behaviour or others say that it is a joke, if it causes harm and is repeated, then it is bullying.


What to do if you feel you are being bullied?

  • Walk away calmly from the situation as soon as it is possible
  • Don't just hope it will stop – don't just try to ignore it. Take some positive steps to improve your life:
  • Keep a log each day of what has happened, who was involved and how it made you feel
  • Don't be afraid of reporting the bullying to an adult / parent or someone you trust – it WILL get better
  • Keep reporting it / talking about it
  • Keep any evidence of online bullying and report this
  • Block any users on social media who have bullied you
  • Read the support books in the library

What to do if you see bullying / if you are a bystander?

  • Never join in or react in any way that encourages the person who has displayed bullying behaviour
  • Stonewall the person who has displayed bullying behaviour – turn your back on them (and encourage others to as well)
  • Take positive action to support the person who has or is being bullied:
  • Report it to a member of staff
  • Inform the school office or your tutor/class teacher
  • Tell someone you trust who you know will help
  • Screenshot any evidence on social media and report to the school

What will the school do to deal with bullying ?

  • Raise awareness through educating pupils in assemblies, tutor time, lessons and through events led by the anti-bullying alliance
  • Bullied pupils will be taken seriously and treated with respect
  • The school will suggest strategies to help the person who has been bullied deal with bullying
  • The school will encourage all bystanders to stonewall people displaying bullying behaviour, support the person being bullied and report what they see
  • The school will offer the person being bullied the support of an adult or counselling or pupil peer mentors
  • Bullying behaviour will be dealt with by the use of appropriate sanctions including parental meetings, isolation, report cards or exclusion
  • People displaying bullying behaviour will be helped to change the attitudes and behaviour that have led to bullying behaviour.

‘It is a collective responsibility of all members of the school community to deal with bullying and support those pupils that have experienced bullying’

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