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Extra Clubs & Activities

Summer 2023 Clubs

 In school activities and afterschool clubs

Here at St Anne’s School we like to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The way we would do this is by having a full time PE teacher who teaches PE lessons throughout the whole school.

We also offer extra-curricular clubs that run throughout the week, both at lunchtimes and after school. 



Out of school activities and clubs

To further support an active lifestyle, we have composed a list of other clubs that can be found on island outside of school times.

Alderney Okinawan Karate Club

Location: The Butes Centre.

Time: Saturdays 1-2pm.

Ages: From 6 years old.

Price: £5 per session. Membership £25 which includes karate suit, insurance and licencing with Amateur Martial Associations. Annual licence is £7.50 thereafter.

Contact: Alderney Okinawan Karate Club facebook page messenger.

Alderney KFA Youth Moves

Location: The Butes Centre

Time: Runs Saturday’s usually term time only:

*Sunbeams age 4-7yrs - time 10:30-11:30am.

*Pommerettes age 8-16 yrs - time 11:45-12:45.

Price: Per Session payment £3:00

Contact: Laura Cauvain 07781 122137

Over 8’s Nomad training

Alderney Tennis club

01481 823439

Alderney Sailing Club

Aspire Youth Club

Facebook @ Aspire Youth, Alderney

Butes Centre

Junior club (8-12yrs) - Thursdays 5:45-7:10

Senior club (12-17yrs) - Thursdays 7:15-8:45

Free Entry or 07781415627

Alderney Scout Group – Cubs