Our Staff

Some pictures of the staff team at St. Anne’s School:


St Annes staff photo montage


Meet the Team

St. Anne's Senior Leadership


Mrs Wendy Wilson BA(Hons) NPQH PGCE        

Headteacher, St. Anne's
Ms Deborah Dix Acting Deputy Headteacher
Ms Alison Morgan Acting Senior Leadership Team Member












School Administration Officer : Secretary to the School Management Committee / Secretary to Alderney Support Team: early signposting and safeguarding children and young people and Examinations Officer – Miss Sophie Parrilla

School Administration Assistant: Finance Clerk- Ms Samantha Ollivier
School Site Supervisor: Site and Premises - Mr Mark Wilson 
School Caretaker: Site and Premises - Mr John Martel 
School Technician: IT- Mr Martyn Brown 
School Technician: Food – Mrs Caroline Yates 
School Library Assistant: - Mrs Emma Odoli


Teaching and Learning Support Staff


Reception Class - EYFS

Mrs Gillian Costello & Miss Hollie Phillips

Years 1 & 2 

Ms Ally Morgan & Mrs Rachael Gentle

Years 3 & 4 

Miss Joanne Allison & Mrs Lesley Brown 

Year 5 & 6

Mrs Maxine Simeone/ Mrs Amanda Gilyead & Miss Pepper

Teacher covering Planning, Preparation and Administration / Science, History Teaching  & Maths Intervention 

Mrs Heather Craig 

Literacy Intervention Teacher

Mrs Lucy Gillingham

The Den

Mr Ashley Winnett 
Miss Elena Costea

Pre School – Foundation Class 1

Miss Samantha Gaudion 
Mrs Sarah Carre 

Art & Design / Graphics / Photography / Tutor - Group B

Mr Cameron Kemp


Mrs Elaine Martel

Design & Technology / Tutor - Group C


English / Tutor Group A

Ms Patricia Smith 

Geography, RE, PSHE & Careers / Tutor - Year 11

Mrs Angela Etheredge 

Physical Education 

Miss Rachel Merrien

Mathematics/  Tutor - Group B

Mr Mathew Mufiri 

Modern Foreign Languages & Music/  Tutor - Group A

Mrs Maria Collier 


Ms Ingrid Brooke

Special Educational Needs Coordinator & Inclusion Lead

Ms Kim Smith

Secondary Learning Support Assistant & Work Experience Coordinator / Co Tutor - Year 11

Mrs Sharon Jenkins

Supply Learning Support Assistant

Mr Kevin Moore 

Lunchtime Supervision

Mrs Sandra Webb

Cover Supervisor 

Mrs Nicola Williams 


Mrs Sandra Webb
Mr Ashley Hope-Smith

Examination Invigilators 

Mrs Nicola Williams

Sea Swimming Support 

Mrs Sarah Woodnutt
Mr Joshua Clay
Miss Kate Allison 
Mr Harry Symington 

Music Teacher – The Music Service

Mr Neil Burton 

Reading Support
Mrs Marie Benford